Week 21 Reminders! :)

All’s been a bit quiet on the website front recently while I’ve been away, but just in case you’ve been utterly bereft, here’s another wonderfully informative summary to top off week 20! If you’ve completed all your coursework, well dones all round, and if you’ve still got some to go, good luck 🙂

Hustings! and the AGM:
This year’s current exec are reaching the end of their term (sad, I know, you might not have me updating you any more! :P) so, it’s time for a new one! If you want to be more involved in the society, have ideas, or just generally love dancing, run for a position 🙂 You have until Sunday night to nominate yourself for any of the 11 positions available, and if you have any questions about any of the details and responsibilities, don’t hesitate to ask one of this year’s team (Joe, Mikey, Chloe, Alice, Will, Connie, Hannah, Luke, Alex, Amber, Jess). You can nominate yourself by emailing into the society account, and then you’ll run against any other candidates with a short speech at Hustings on Monday.
This brings me rather neatly onto…the AGM! The AGM (Annual General Meeting) and Hustings will be held together on Monday night, at 7pm in Furness Lecture Theatre 1. If you want to hear and vote for all the candidates running in the elections, then make sure you come along, especially because we will also be supplying some FREE COOKIES to make the evening that little bit better 😀
If you can’t make it to the AGM but would still like to vote, you can vote by email, so if this is case we can give you more details 🙂

Medal Tests:
For those of you that have signed up for medals tests, they are fast approaching! If you haven’t already, please pay Chloe your examination fee as soon as possible at lessons – £12 for a Bronze, £13 for a Silver, and £14 for a Gold. Please note if you are taking both Ballroom and Latin medals, you have to pay for each one, e.g. £24 for Bronze Ballroom and Latin. The tests themselves will be taking place on Thursday 27th March at 8pm in County South Lecture Theatre. To ensure you’re ready for your medals, please make sure you attend Andrew’s lesson on Tuesday (NOTE ROOM CHANGE) and use any available practice times (see below).

Andrew’s lesson: ROOM CHANGE
Please note that Andrew’s lessons on Tuesday 25th March will no longer be in Minor Hall, but instead we have been moved to LICA A28. If you don’t know where this is, just ask 🙂 Furthermore, LICA has a lovely floor, so unfortunately girls with dance heels will not be allowed to wear them unless they have heel protectors, so if this is the case, please bring another pair of shoes so we don’t damage the floor, thanks!

Practice Times:
With medals and Roses coming up, there is space available for you to practice your routines in your own time. These are: Saturday 22nd March, 5-8pm County South Lecture Theatre; Sunday 23rd March 10-3pm County South Lecture Theatre; Wednesday 26th March 8-10pm Green Room. Please note that although the exec will try to be on hand a lot of the time, these practice times might not always have an exec member present, so you might want to bring your own source of music. If you need any track recommendations at the correct tempo, please ask 🙂

Charity Showcase DVDs:
Quick reminder that if you have ordered a Charity Showcase DVD and haven’t paid for it, please pay Chloe ASAP 🙂 They are £7, with £2 of that going straight to Cancer Research. If you haven’t ordered a copy and would like one, please ask, because there will be some spare copies available.

As most of you know, Roses will be taking place in Lancaster on the first weekend back next term. We have a competition against York as part of this, and this year it will be taking place on Sunday 4th May in the Great Hall. This is a really fun, friendly competition with just the two universities present, so if you have never competed and think you might like to have a go, let us know! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a partner, we can match you up, and the whole day is relaxed and a good introduction to competing. Also, spectators are actively encouraged, so please come along and support us even if you aren’t dancing! 😀

Long post over! There’s a lot of information here so I hope it all makes sense, and as ever, if you have any questions then please ask 🙂 Other than that, have a wonderful last few days of term, good luck with all your deadlines, and get nominating yourself for next year’s exec! I can tell you from personal experience that it’s good fun 😛 Hope to see lots of you soon, over and out! 🙂 xx