LUBDS Charity Showcase

2017 SHOWCASE DATE: 10th of February 2017 7pm in the Great Hall!

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Not only is this LUBDS’ biggest annual event, but it is also rather famous across campus with everyone from the Union President to the Lancaster’s MP getting involved! This event is in place for two reasons, firstly to raise money for the fantastic cause that is Cancer Research and secondly to showcase the incredible talent of our members. We also invite several other societies to join us and in 2016 we collaborated with Theatre group, Big Band and LUDanS to create ‘mini Wicked’ a 20 minute adaptation of the smash hit west end musical.

The Charity Showcase features performances from LUBDS, the Offbeat Squad and the famous Strictly Come Dancing! This sees campus ‘celebrities’ paired with a member of LUBDS to win the glitter ball trophy. Anything goes and believe us, anything does as competitive spirits run high and the teams compete for the audience vote!
The last Waltz

In 2016 we managed to raise over £2000 and saw a tango win the competition with Sophie Tarif and her partner Andrew Smith fighting and dancing their way to victory. With the standard so high we look forward to the next competition where we can expect even more tricks, steps and performances that will wow!

For dates & tickets for this fabulous Event, and for ways to get involved, please contact us by email, see the News or Events page or ask our Exec.

Sophie and Andrew               Mambo Swing 

Final Dance