IVDC Week!

It’s IVDC week so make sure your routines are perfected during our practice hours and brush up on your technique in this week’s lessons! Attendance at one of the practice timeslots is absolutely necessary if you have not yet turned up to one! Messages will be sent out to team members regarding contact details and team kit requests, so be prepared!


Monday – Offbeat Rehearsals and Practice Time
Starting at 8pm we have the final rehearsal of Offbeat before IVDC which will be conducted in the Playroom, then the room will be open from 9-10pm for you to practice your routines!

Tuesday – More Practice Time and Lessons with Andrew
The Minor Hall will be open and free to use between 6pm and 7pm for practice. Continuing on after practice in the Minor Hall until 8pm we will have Andrew’s Beginners’ lesson followed by two hours of Novice lessons until 10pm.

Wednesday – Practice
The Green Room (A35) will be open between 8pm and 10pm as space for some practice.

Thursday – Lessons with Janet and Deadline for IVDC Payments
Beginners’ classes continue with Janet in County South Lecture Theatre 8-10pm. Payments for entry to IVDC and coach travel need to be paid today at the latest!

Friday – Free
Have a rest before IVDC!

Saturday – IVDC
For all competitors and spectators – If you are travelling on the coach then the meeting time at Dalton Square is 6.30am or the Underpass at 6.45am, you must be on time or the coach will leave without you!

Sunday – Free
Take a day to relax after all the drama of IVDC… It’s done!


Good luck to everyone competing on Saturday! If you have any questions about anything just get in touch with any of the exec and we will be able to help you! Have a nice week! 🙂 x

The week after…!

First of all, a massive well done and thank you to everyone involved in the showcase! You all did brilliantly, and we’re a very proud exec!

Anyway, onto this week! NUDC is coming up fast on Saturday, so there’ll be lots of free practice time to perfect your routines.

Monday: Offbeat and Practice Time
From 8pm in the Playroom we will be having a final Offbeat rehearsal before NUDC, and then the room will be free from 9-10pm to practice to your heart’s content!

Tuesday: Practice Time and Lessons with Andrew
From 6-7pm there is free practice time in Minor Hall, followed by Andrew’s Beginners’ and Novice Lessons from 7-10pm, also in Minor Hall.

Wednesday: Practice Time
Free practice time is available from 8-10pm in the Green Room on Wednesday.

Thursday: Watch this space!
Janet’s unfortunately had to take time off recently, so we’re not sure as yet whether she’ll be able to join us this week, but we’ll let you know as soon as.

Friday: Freeee!
Have a rest before the competition.

Saturday: NUDC!
For all competitors – if you are leaving from Dalton Square, you need to be there by 6:30am, and if you are leaving from campus, you must be there by 6:45am! If you are late, we will leave without you! Please also make sure you have paid Chloe your £8 entry fee, and £10 coach fee if you don’t have competition package at this week’s lessons.

Sunday: Practice Time
County South will be free from 12-3pm to practice again! Yay!

That’s all for this week, the exec should be on hand most of the time if you have any questions. Good luck to everyone competing on Saturday! 🙂 xx

Showcase Day – Timetable!

The big day is drawing closer, so here is the timetable for rehearsals during the day. Please note that Hairspray includes all of Quickstep, Charleston and group section, and Adele involves both the Cha and the Paso/Tango. You should know by now which dances you are in, but if you have any queries, please contact one of the exec as soon as possible. Try to attend as many of these rehearsals, because while they aren’t all compulsory, they will be the last remaining time available to rehearse these dances before the final performance. Oh and, good luck! 🙂

10:00 Finale
10:30 Hairspray
11:00 Adele Medley
11:30 Footloose
12:00 Offbeat
12:30 Chloe & Sam
12:45 Alice & Andy
13:00 Amber & Tom
13:15 Connie & Charlie
13:30 Hairspray
14:00 Adele Medley
14:30 Joe & Emily
14:45 Theo & Mia
15:00 Alex & Rachel
15:15 Hannah & Matt
15:30 Footloose
16:00 Hairspray
16:30 Offbeat
17:00 Finale
17:30 Adele Medley – COMPULSORY
18:00 LUDans
18:30 ULMS with Hairspray – COMPULSORY

Again, any questions, ASK. You’re all wonderful and you’ll all do amazingly on the night, I guarantee it! Over and out 🙂 xx

It’s here! Showcase Week!

Well, here’s what we’ve all been building up to – the Charity Showcase is this week!! I hope panic, excitement and all the other emotions are setting in, because we’ve got lots to do! All showcase rehearsals this week are COMPULSORY if you are in the dances, everything needs to be done and perfect for Friday, so if you can’t come you need a reaaaaaaaaaallly good excuse, and also to tell me (Connie) so I can let all the choreographers etc know, thanks 🙂 and also, please remember that a lot of exec will be on hand at rehearsals, so if you are in any doubt about any section of your routines, costumes etc, grab one of us and ask any questions you have.

Monday: Offbeat, Hairspray
From 8pm in the Playroom, covering Hairspray Quickstep, Charleston and Group section, so come if you’re in any of that!

Tuesday: Finale, Lessons with Andrew & ULMS Hairspray run through
From 6pm in Minor Hall we will be rehearsing the Finale, and then running through the Hairspray medley with ULMS, so this is doubly doubly essential that you’re there. Moreover, with Andrew we’ll be running the Adele Paso/Tango, which is a good lesson to be part of if you’re not in the performance in the Showcase, but mandatory if you are. (That’s Joe & Chloe, Alex & Katie, Hannah & Nicole, Rebecca & Vitali, Amber & Mikey, Luke & Connie)

ALSO from 1pm in Alexandra Square, we will be selling Showcase tickets, so tell all your friends to come get some!!

Wednesday: All 4 showcase dances!!
8-10pm in the Green Room, running through everything. Many times.

Thursday: Janet and Windsor Glide
You know the drill, County South Lecture Theatre 8-10pm.

I will be publishing a separate schedule for Friday because there will be many many rehearsals throughout the day which you need to attend as many of as you can manage around your actual degree (although tbh that obviously comes second to ballroom 😉 ).

That’s all for now, once again if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask, and good luck for all your rehearsals! 😀 over and out xx

Charity Showcase – Costume Guide!

Hi everyone, the Charity Showcase is looming fast and we need to get costumes sorted for the various dances – so here is your guide to what to wear on the night! If you have any questions, or any trouble sourcing your costume at short notice, don’t hesitate to ask one of the exec and we can try and get something sorted for you as soon as possible.

Main overall theme:
60s style fashion, lots of colour! Pink, yellow, lime green, orange, blue, purple.
– Skirt & vest top or dress
– Something colourful for your hair, preferably a headband but also for example a piece of fabric, big bow, ribbon, scrunchie hairband, flowers etc.
– Jazz shoes or pumps with socks, preferably short frilly type ones, but any will do!
– Plain black trousers
– Colourful shirt or a plain shirt with colourful tie/bow tie

Main overall theme: Country barn dance
– Checked/colourful shirt which can be tied at the front, plain vest top underneath
– Jeans or denim shorts & leggings, depending on how flexible your jeans are!
– Ribbon for hair, necktie, cowboy hat etc, all optional!
– Pumps / Converse style shoes
– Checked/colourful shirt
– Jeans or black dance trousers
– Converse style shoes

Main overall theme: Black and Red
– Red/black dress or skirt and plain vest top
– Red and black accessories
– Preferably a black shirt with red tie
– Alternatively a plain red or black t-shirt, but if you’re wearing all black, a flash of red somewhere would be good!
– Black trousers

Main overall theme: Rock’n’Roll
– Plain vest top and rock’n’roll style skirt
– Ribbon in hair or neck tie
– Leggings and legwarmers optional
– Jazz shoes or pumps
– Plain t-shirt of any colour
– Denim jeans
– Latin or Ballroom shoes

Phew! As well as all that, thing you might find useful on the night include: hairspray, hair clips, hair ties, make up, jewellery, safety pins!

That’s all about it, remember if you have any questions, go ahead and ask! 🙂 Thanks everyone!

12 days to go!

With the the Charity Showcase just 12 days away, there’ll be lots of rehearsals this week, so here’s your summary timetable of what’s going on.

Monday: Offbeat & Finale!
Offbeat continues at 8 in the Playroom, and attendance is essential as not many rehearsals are left! From 9pm, we will be learning the Finale dance for the Charity Showcase, taught by the lovely Eleanor. This dance will be relatively short, to finish the show, so if you’re already involved in the Showcase, or would like to be, please come along as we need to get this learnt. Everybody is welcome, it should be a really fun routine!

Tuesday: Hairspray and Lessons with Andrew including Adele
On Tuesday from 6pm we will be learning some more of Hairspray, choreographed and taught by Hannah! Everyone who is already involved with Hairspray should attend please 🙂 Afterwards, lessons with Andrew will continue as normal, but the Novice classes will include tuition of the Adele Paso & Tango for the Showcase. This is some tricky choreography, so if you want to be in it, its essential that you’re there! All of Tuesday’s session are in Minor Hall.

Wednesday: Adele and Finale
In the Green Room from 8-10pm, more time will be put into learning and perfecting the Finale and Adele medley dances!

Thursday: Lessons with Janet including Windsor Glide
Beginners’ lessons with Janet will continue as normal on Thursday from 8-10pm in County South Lecture Theatre, but the first half hour of these will be a session teaching the sequence dance Windsor Glide. This is the open sequence dance that will be danced at the Northern Universities’ Dance Competition on February 15th, so if you plan on attending that competition, you will probably want to learn the Windsor Glide too!

Friday: have a rest 🙂

Saturday: Showcase Rehearsals and Meal at Oscar’s!
Saturday is a busy day for us – Charity Showcase rehearsals will be held in County South Lecture Theatre from 5pm to cover all four of the group dances – Footloose, Hairspray, Adele and the Finale. This our last weekend before the show (try not to panic) so we’ll be trying to get these dances to a high standard. Following this at 7:30pm is our second social of this term – a meal at Oscar’s! This should be a really nice chance to have a chat and enjoy each other’s company, as well as rewarding ourselves for all the hard work in these first 3 weeks.

Sunday: Sean & Carole
Sean and Carole will be back to offer their intensive one-on-one tuition this weekend to individual couples looking to improve their technique. They’re offering one hour slots from 10am, so make sure you book up any free spaces that might be available. To do this, just message our President Joe, or the society Facebook page, and you will be provided with available times depending on how many we have left.

That’s all for this week, although there is a lot of it! We know it takes up a huge amount of your time, but if possible, please try to attend all the rehearsals for each dance you’re involved with, as this is the only way we can get the dances showcase-ready! Thank you all very much! Over and out 🙂 xx

Week 2…or 12… :D

Week 12 – lots of Charity Showcase rehearsals and lessons, so make sure you know when everything is! 🙂

Monday: Offbeat and Adele
Offbeat rehearsals continue at 8pm in the Playroom as usual, followed by a Charity Showcase rehearsal for the Adele medley, running over the Cha section from 9pm, also in the Playroom. It’s essential that everybody involved in these dances attends the rehearsals if they can so we can get them perfected 🙂

Tuesday: Adele and Lessons with Andrew
At 6pm there will be a rehearsal for the Adele medley, followed by our usual lessons with Andrew, all in Minor Hall.

Wednesday: Charity Showcase Rehearsals
Adele and Footloose rehearsals continue on Wednesday between 8 and 10 in the Green Room- it’s next to the Playroom, but if you don’t know where that is, give one of us a shout  🙂

Thursday: Lessons with Janet
Janet will be teaching her Beginners’ lessons again this Thursday in County South Lecture Theatre – but remember the time change- starting a 8 and running until 10pm.

Friday: freeeeeee as a bird!

That’s it for this week, although more rehearsals may be scheduled for the coming weekend, so keep a lookout 🙂 over and out! xx

Charity Showcase – 3 weeks to go!

In just less than 3 weeks, our biggest event of the year, the Charity Showcase, will be on! Featuring Lancaster does Strictly along with performances from LUBDS, LUDans, ULMS and LUTG, the show looks set to be a good one, with all proceeds going to Cancer Research!

The Showcase will be on Friday 7th February at 7:30pm in Lancaster University’s Great Hall. Tickets are available to reserve now, and will cost just £5 each for those with a Purple card, and £8 for those without. Just email lancasterballroom@gmail.com or speak to an exec member to reserve some now, but hurry because there are only limited places!

showcase cover photo copy

Saturday Session!

Hi everyone,
Quick announcement, and that is: on Saturday we will be having our lovely teacher Andrew Thrower come in with his partner Amy to teach some extra lessons!

There are some private lesson slots available between 5 and 7pm for couples to have one-on-one training on anything you wish to cover with either Andrew or Amy. This means that the free slots you can book are: 5-6pm Amy, 6-7pm Andrew and 6-7pm Amy (5-6pm Andrew is booked). If you wish to book a lesson for you and your partner, these will be priced at £20 an hour, so £10 for each person, and you can do so by contacting Joe, our President, messaging the society Facebook page, or speaking to us in person during the week.

However, as well as private slots, we will be having a group session with both Andrew and Amy, and this is aimed at anyone who is interested in competing. This will run from 7-8pm and will focus on improving technique and refining your dancing, at the cost of £5 per person. This session will be invaluable for anyone looking to perfect their skills, so please do come along!

That’s all for now folks, hope to see you at the bar crawl tonight (8pm, Grad Bar!) 🙂 xx

Lent Term Lift Off!

Hello hello, and welcome to the new term! I hope you’ve all had a lovely and restful break over Christmas, but now it’s time to hit the ground running! There’s lots going on this term, so make sure you keep a look out for all the timetabling details you need, speaking of which…..

Monday: Rehearsals!
This Monday kicks off Lent term with an Offbeat rehearsal at 8pm in the Playroom, followed by a Footloose rehearsal from 9-10pm also in the Playroom. Everyone who is already part of these two dances is really needed at these rehearsals, but Footloose is also open to anyone who didn’t come to the first practice last term – feel free to come along and you’ll catch up in no time. If you need to know anything about the Footloose rehearsal, please ask Team Captain Amber, or any of the exec can try to help you, and most importantly bear in mind that this dance will be performed at the Charity Showcase (7th Feb, diaries at the ready!) so if you’d like to get involved, this is a great way to do it. 🙂

Tuesday: Rehearsal, Lessons with Andrew.
On Tuesday from 6-7pm will be another of the Charity Showcase rehearsals, this time working on a section from the musical Hairspray. This is the first rehearsal for this piece, and so everyone is welcome – none of it has been learnt before so everyone is in the same boat! Do come along if you’d like to take part. From 7-10pm as usual will be our Beginner and upwards lessons with Andrew Thrower. But here’s the important part – these rehearsals and lessons have CHANGED LOCATION. Due to a timetabling alteration we are now in MINOR HALL in the Great Hall Complex, NOT County South. If you need any help locating Minor Hall, please don’t hesitate to ask one of the exec.

Wednesday: Two Bar, Bar Crawl!
Starting in Grad Bar at 8pm, our first social of the year is a casual two bar, bar crawl, organised by the lovely Hannah. Come along to catch up after the holidays and just generally have some fun 🙂

Thursday: Lessons with Janet
Janet’s back again for her Beginners’ lessons on a Thursday in County South Lecture Theatre. HOWEVER, please please note, again due to timetabling changes, Janet will now be teaching from 8-10pm, one hour later than before. Please don’t come at 7, you’ll be hanging around like a loner 😉

Friday: have a rest… 🙂 

Ok, folks, to round this all up, a few things you need to remember!
1. Hoodies! If you would like a stunning society hoodie, orders have to be in and paid for by Friday!
2. Hustings! Nominations for the esteemed postions of Vice President, Health and Safety Officer or Social Secretary must be in 8pm tomorrow, so email into the account if you’d like a shot at running for the exec. (Go on, you know you want to)
3. Lessons with Sean and Carole – Slots are available for private lessons on Sunday 2nd February. If you would like one of these extremely valuable sessions, then please speak to Joe or email into the account ASAP – they fill up fast!

So, that’d it for the time being, but things over the next few weeks will be pretty hectic, so please watch this space, especially for updates on rehearsals during weekends. This Sunday may have rehearsals on, but as yet they haven’t been timetabled, so keep an eye out 🙂 And if you have any questions, ask! Most of the exec should know what they’re doing… 😉
That’s it for now everyone, over and out! 🙂 xx